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Rental Management FAQ

Rental Management FAQ

Q: Do I lose control of my property once Brown Bros. starts to manage it?
A: No. We take our instruction from you. You set the ground rules and parameters as far as authority for expenditures.

Q: Does Brown Bros. automatically insure my property when it is being managed?
A: No. You may maintain your own Insurance Broker. At your request Brown Bros. will negotiate for you and provide competitive quotes. This may include one from our Insurance Department.

Q: What happens when a tenant doesn't pay the rent?
A: Brown Bros. will take all the legal steps to enforce payment, including evicting the tenant subject to the Residential Tenancy Act of BC. Brown Bros. will attend all arbitrations on your behalf.

Q: If all I need is to find a tenant, will Brown Bros. do this without having me sign a full Management Contract?
A: Yes, "one time only" contract which includes the following; finding and interviewing the tenant, running a credit check and setting up the file for you. The fee for this one time option is 1/2 of the first month's rent, along with any advertising costs and credit checks.

Q: If my property or suite is vacant, do I still pay a fee?
A: No. Brown Bros. receives a fee based on the amount of rent paid by the tenant. If the unit is unoccupied, no fee is payable.

Q: Do you allow short term rentals?
A: Some Apartment buildings will accept tenants on a month to month basis, while others are requesting that tenants sign a year lease. We do not manage properties commonly referred to as furnished, "short term vacation rentals".

Q: Do you have any furnished units for rent?
A. Most often there is only one furnished suite which Brown Bros. Agencies manages and it is located in the St. Margaret's Apartments.

Q: Are utilities included?
A: As a rule no. However, some apartments do include heat and hot water. Utilities are generally contracted directly between the supplier and the tenant.

Q: Do you allow pets and if so, what is the pet deposit required?
A: We do have some properties that allow a pet. The pet deposit is 1/2 of a months rent and is a separate deposit from your security deposit.

Q: If I have my property managed by Brown Bros., will you save me money for the fee I pay?
A: Yes. Brown Bros. negotiates lower bulk rates for oil, gas, waster and recycling removal, elevator maintenance, advertising and many other services, including painting and janitorial services. These savings are passed on to the building owner without deduction.

If you have a Property Management question that has not been addressed or require further information regarding the Victoria BC Property Management market, please feel free to contact us at (250) 385-8771, or email our Property Management Division.

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