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Strata Management Frequently Asked Questions

Strata Management Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of Strata Management related questions that Brown Bros. Property Management professionals are often asked. 

Q:  Do I lose control of my property once Brown Bros. starts to manage it?

A:  No, We take all our instruction from your Strata Council, They set the ground rules and parameters as far as our authority for expenditures as budgeted or by special resolution of the owners.

Q:   Does Brown Bros. insure my property when it is being managed?

A:   No. You maintain your own Insurance Broker.  However, Brown Bros. will negotiate  for you and provide competitive quotes.  This may include one from our insurance department.

Q:  What happens when an owner doesn't pay their assessment?

A:  Brown Bros. will take all the legal steps necessary to enforce payment, including "demand letters" culminating in placement of a Lien and legal action thereafter as contained in the Strata Property Act.

Q: If we have our Strata Corporation managed by Brown Bros., will you save us money for the fees we pay?

A:  Yes, Brown Bros. negotiates lower bulk rates for oil, gas, waste and recycling removal, elevator maintenance and many other services including painting and janitorial services. These savings are passed on to the building owners without deduction.

Q:  How can I pay my Strata Fees?

A:  Automatic withdrawals from your bank account (Pre-Authorized Payments), mail in Post-Dated cheques, or you may come into our office and pay directly each month.

If you have a Property Management question that has not been addressed or require further information regarding the Victoria BC Property Management market, please feel free to contact us at (250) 385-8771

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